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Personal defense is just that—personal. When you’re considering purchasing your first firearm for personal defense, it’s important to remember that your needs are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the experience of choosing personal protection firearms. Your body type, size, strength, agility, and personality will all factor into which weapon is best for you.

You probably have many questions. Our experts are here to help. When you come to Los Ranchos Gun Shop for your first firearm, we consider a number of factors to make sure you leave with the gun that’s best for you. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all gun supplies in the Albuquerque area.

Your Preferences And Experience Matter

Before selecting your best self-defense firearm, there are many questions you should ask yourself to make sure you select one that is right for you, such as:

  • What are my goals?
  • What is my experience? Would I benefit from additional education before selecting a firearm?
  • Where am I planning on having this firearm? Will it stay in my home, or do I plan on carrying it on my person?
  • What size of firearm do I feel comfortable with? Is portability important to me?
  • How will I store the firearm? Will there be children or others in my home that will require the firearm to be kept in a safe?

We can help you with these and other questions so you can make an informed decision and choose the weapon that’s right for you.

Your First Firearm Needs To Fit

The first step in safely using a gun is making sure the weight and grip are perfect, and then choosing a firearm based on how well it fits in your hand, rather than its brand. You can also consider what weight you feel comfortable actually using, and how you plan on carrying your gun.

The size of the weapon will determine many aspects of your usage, so it is important to begin this process by making sure you feel absolutely comfortable with the firearm.

How You Will Carry Matters

The way you plan to carry and store your firearm matter. For example, we get many questions from women who prefer not to use a traditional belt or waist holster, and plan to carry their gun in their purse. This will make the size and weight of the gun major deciding factors when selecting the most suitable weapon.

No matter how you decide to carry, safety for yourself and others should be your highest priority. How you plan to maintain control of your firearm can be another major deciding factor in how and what you carry. This is an opportunity to consider alternatives, and whether carrying concealed or in a holster might be a better option for you.

Education Is Key

No matter what type of firearm you select, we always recommend training and learning the fundamentals. We also always recommend concealed carry training even if you don’t plan to carry concealed, because you’ll receive education about the gun that you might not receive in an introductory class.

We can recommend classes that would help you learn the skills needed for the planned use of your firearm. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have about personal defense, fit, weight, and how you can deepen your knowledge of your weapon.

Los Ranchos Gun Shop in Albuquerque, NM is here to answer any questions you might have about firearms for personal defense. Whether this is your first firearm or your tenth, we can offer guidance on fit, carrying options, firearm type, and how you can use firearms to ensure your and your family’s safety. Contact us with questions at 505-345-4276.

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