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Over the past few decades, the amount of Americans who own at least one firearm has grown exponentially. Whether it’s a GLOCK 19 pistol or some variant of an AR-pattern rifle, it is estimated that over 120 million people currently possess one firearm, at the minimum. For a good reason, concrete data of actual ownership is hard to come by, but estimates can be gleaned from NICS background check inquiries, manufacturer-supplied data, and gun shop statistics. Regardless of the sources, a generally accepted estimate, even by the government, is that somewhere north of 420 million firearms are in private hands in the United States. To be certain, the real figure is much, much higher.

However, it’s one thing to possess a firearm. To actually be “armed” is technically quite another thing entirely….

At the founding of our nation, carrying a firearm with you in all manner of situations was normal. If you had a gun on you, it didn’t brook major concern unless you were being aggressive about it. As time went on and our nation urbanized, the overt carrying of weapons was less and less frequent.

The low point in the history of carrying firearms in the United States was when culturally, just carrying a gun outside of sport and hunting activities was viewed with suspicion, and in a lot of cases was even a criminal act. Unless one had the political and financial juice to get a carry permit of course. Outside of those cases, if you had a gun on you and weren’t a police officer, it was assumed you were up to no good or involved in shady dealings of some sort. The “shame” factor kept a lot of people from realizing the Second Amendment applied to them as well.

In the 1970s, the tide turned, with states adopting shall-issue permit schemes, leading up to the Constitutional Carry revolution of today, where in 27 states, one can carry* at least a handgun, without a government permission slip. And of course, the Bruen decision of 2022 is dragging the may-issue states into at least a shall-issue scheme.

The pieces are falling into place. Record breaking gun sales. Constitutional Carry. Bruen. But yet, out of the 120+ million gun owners in this country, only a minority actively carry a firearm outside of their homes.

With the financial and legal barriers to carrying a firearm being removed in a majority of states, it’s time we as Second Amendment Radicals embark on a new task – making being armed the “default setting”


The Reality Of The Situation In The World

This may be old news for some Second Amendment Radicals, but it’s always worth repeating. On a mundane level, the police are not obligated to serve and protect. Absent a specific duty, i.e. an individual officer is ordered to protect something or someone, the police do not owe you protection. Police are law enforcement, i.e. the blunt instrument of government policy. There’s no government policy that says “The police have a duty to protect you the individual”.

Even if there was such a policy, it’s unrealistic. Even if you live next to a police station, it will still take them many minutes to find you and render assistance. They have to open the door, find you, and try to help. An assailant can dispatch you to the next realm in 20 seconds or less. The cops might take him down, but you got taken out so it’s scant comfort.

Also, on a macro level, what we in the United States and some European nations call “civilization” is an abnormality. The default setting of the world is varying levels of violence. In the US we’re not immune to it either. Local unrest happens all the time. A gang of motivated rioters can burn an entire neighborhood to the ground in no time at all. A similar state of things applies to Europe as well, as was evident during the recent unrest in Paris. And speaking of Europe, they’re prone to genocidal tendencies once or twice a century. And it seems another one is on the horizon. The bear is angry and feeling cornered, as it were.

The only defense against all threats, foreign and domestic is for the citizens to be armed, preferably outside the purview of the government.

Make Americans Dangerous Again

It may be an overused trope, but yes – an armed society is a polite society. On a mundane and local level, it’s easy to see this in action. Go to your local gun range, or even a gun shop. Everyone is super polite. Or go to any event where armed security (private or government) is actively present. There’s usually not a lot of nonsense going on. Because there’s armed people around.

As an aside, we have seen evidence of this concept working. The hateful and racially-motivated Jacksonville shooter skipped prior targets because armed security was present and ran him off. They didn’t know what he was planning, they just knew he didn’t belong in that area. He wanted a soft target, and skipped around until he found one. The Nashville school shooter operated on the same methodology. Though her manifesto hasn’t (for some reason) been released to the public, the police have admitted she skipped hard targets for a soft one.

Anyway, being armed needs to be the norm for any able-bodied adult in the United States. While we shouldn’t go as far as friend-of-the-site Mandatory Carry to make it “mandatory”, i.e. the government is involved, the general push should be to make it a social custom.

Shame is a powerful tool. For decades, the opposition, hell, let’s call them the enemy (we’re in the early stages of a low-intensity conflict), used the power of shame amplified by the media to convince a lot of people that being armed was a bad thing. Because kids or whatever they pretended to care about that week.

Ironically, in this case, the internet as a vast entity is a friend of us Second Amendment Radicals. No longer atomized and feeling that they were “the only ones”, people who may not have had the benefit of being in a place where there’s an actual community with real values can find that there’s others that share the belief that humans have the absolute right to keep and bear (i.e. carry), firearms. The choice of firearm being up to the individual, of course.

The goal is simple. Flood the nation with armed citizens, and make it known that the nation is flooded with the same. A few object lessons later, and violent aggressors will get the hint. That lady walking down the street is no longer a soft target. Attack her, and find yourself bleeding out on the street. That family you are thinking of attacking because the guy on TV told you to? Dad, Mom, and even Junior are armed. You’re toast, and your remains will be posted on the internet for all to see. FAFO, as the kids say.

Being armed is a morally correct response to threats and aggression. By having that GLOCK pistol on you or that AR-pattern rifle handy, you are saying that you value your life and the lives of those under your care. And keeping yourself and your loved ones alive, through your own personal work and effort, is a morally correct state of being.

Laws and morality rarely intersect. Do the moral thing.

Try to do no harm, but know how to do harm. Someone attacks you, make sure they don’t do it again to you or anyone else.

Let’s Make Americans Dangerous Again.

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