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It ain’t easy being a Second Amendment Radical. Hell, it’s not easy even having a moderate affinity for guns, the Second Amendment, and individual rights as a whole. Yes, even in this period of (dwindling) ‘rona, riots, and other assorted BS, there’s still some people who cast a certain stigma on those who lean towards keeping and bearing arms…

Stereotypes, taunts, and even outright threats – to be blunt, you’re going to have to expect it if you’re out and proud about your membership in the People of the Gun demographic. That 9mm pistol on your hip is, whether you like it or not, a statement of philosophy, one that may not jive with people you know…

In a strange twist, it seems that the new counterculture is anchored partially on the Second Amendment. Though ironically, I have read stories of The Grateful Dead having guns, ha ha.

Depending on where you live, there could be a social cost to being an unabashed Second Amendment Radical. If you’re in, for lack of a better term, a “red” area, you don’t have much to worry about aside from the occasional busybody or harridan concern-trolling on social media, or potentially harassing you out in public.

However, if you’re in a “blue” area (again, for lack of a better term), things become a little more difficult. The politics, and the vocal members of the population, are definitely against you. Post about an AR-15 rifle you just acquired? Share a post from the FPC, NRA, or GOA? All hell’s gonna break loose.

God help you if you rock a suppressor or go full-auto, ha ha.

Even outside of geographic factors, it can happen, especially if you’re part of some demographic that isn’t typically associated with gun ownership or the support of individual rights.

I can speak from experience…

Sure, I’ve been over this in the past, but that was pre-rona, pre-other-assorted-societal-and-political-BS, so it’s worth repeating, especially for those of you who have discovered my blog via other assorted outlets.

But anyway…

Though philosophically I’ve been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment since I was a wee one, I only got into this thing of ours rather recently. I’m barely approaching my first decade of continuous carry, as it were. I’m no Jerry Miculek, but I’m not blowing holes in the desk, either.

To be sure, I wasn’t raised around guns per se, but through various machinations, learned the four rules and some basic marksmanship by the time I was ten years old. This was before the 2A really became a polarizing issue, so no one, even in already-blueish New York State (thank you Mario “the Italian Stalin” Cuomo!) made much noise about it. Teaching a kid about proper firearms handling was normal.

After many years, and one or two come-to-Jesus moments, I finally acquired a firearm of my own, a trusty Beretta Px4 Storm subcompact pistol. Lovely gun, by the way.

I was a little naïve about things at that point. Sure, I was in the Gunshine State, specifically the 305, by that point in my life. I knew people with guns, and I spoke occasionally about my support of the Second Amendment in mixed company. Not owning a gun, pushback was limited to “Oh, well, that’s just like your opinion, man…” and maybe some “Well, just don’t bring a gun here and we’re cool…” and that was that.

As a background, I traveled in a very colorful and diverse social scene, since I worked in the entertainment industry. It’s a fun sort of work, but let’s be real, the steering committees are usually populated by people of a certain political bent. Though I will say 2020 and 2021 have opened some surprising eyes, and people I never suspected to be into this thing of ours have rung me up – sidebar, you guys are awesome. The Second Amendment Is For Everyone.

But I’m digressing. Which I do a lot. It’s my blog, deal with it.

So anyway, I picked up that handy little Italian 9mm blaster, and there was no going back. Suddenly I realized I needed an evil black rifle, and of course scads of magazines and ammunition. This was just after a tragic and media-amplified shooting incident and a certain iconoclastic President ran his mouth. Gun salesman of that year, I suppose.

I was still a little naïve, and did speak freely and openly about gun ownership and the Second Amendment – though this time I had weapons of my own by which to gain experience and knowledge with.

All hell broke loose. While grant it, the majority of those in my social circle had no real opinion, or just put up with the fact that gasp, I owned some guns, some people got rather vocal and downright nasty. Now, I give as good as I get, and then some, but I’ll still reserve the right to call people out for being jackwagons and saying jackwagon things.

“I thought I knew you, you have guns?”

“Your ‘hobby’ finances the death of children!”

“You can take your guns and wipe your ass with them!”

“I hope they come and take your guns one day!”

All true, though quoting from memory so the specific wording may be a little off.

The last two are funny, if not a little concerning. Well, the last one really. Basically, the person that said that, she means that she wouldn’t be opposed to using State violence to deprive me of my rights and property. Even if I weren’t to actively resist, the mere act of confiscation is inherently violent. She means to send (ironically) men with guns to go after a man with guns. Meanwhile she hates cops…

Crazy huh?

It sucks, but to be honest, I rationalized it. If you’re gonna unfriend me or break off a social connection with me over my desire to take responsibility for my life and the lives of those I love, then we probably weren’t friends to begin with.

Yeah, you’ll lose some friends over it…but it’s a benefit.


OK, your love of all things ballistic might result in some social blowback. BFD, to be honest. If you’re worried about likes on the gram or Facebook followers, stop. Unless you’re in the biz, then market to the world and don’t take any guff from those swine. Make Zuck show you the door. Milk it.

Anyways, in the real world, you’ll lose people in your social circle, but you’ll gain some solid people in exchange. Again, my existence is proof, really. For ever gun-phobic strange-type that only soaked me for pretty pictures, I gained some solid compadres whom I dare call lifelong friends. In addition, some surprising acquaintances came out of the woodwork and have definitely made it into the circle. Again – thank you all.

Plus, objectively, your Second Amendment Radical pals are more dependable in an emergency than a hoplophobe.

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