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This past Friday, Justin from Canada unilaterally banned 1500 types and brands of firearms in the country he ostensibly is the leader of. OK, it’s Canada and to be blunt, it’s their own business on how they react to an unfortunate series of events. My sympathies to those who lost in Nova Scotia, but yes – it’s Canadian business. Of course, the usual blue-check brigade members in the US decided to chime in and wonder why we “can’t do that in the US”, including notable has-been DL Hughley.

Colion Noir, put it most eloquently.

Noir puts it best…

‪I have no respect for a man willing to give up his right to own an AR15, this forcing his family to depend on the govt to keep his family safe. When u depend on the govt to keep your family safe they essentially belong to the govt & you’re just a guest In your home. Looks at @RealDLHughley ‬#StopThisBetaMaleDaddyGovtShitPlease

But, allow me to elaborate a little on this concept.

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As humans, we’re all born with inalienable and inherent rights. Whether you’re American, Canadian, European, Asian, African, Antartican, or whatever – you have certain rights. You have the right to speak your mind freely, the right to privacy, and the right to keep and bear any arms you deem fit for the task at hand. Whether you believe they are rights from God or natural rights isn’t relevant to the conversation – you have those rights whether you like it or not. You don’t have to own a gun to have the right to keep and bear arms. I didn’t own a gun for many, many, years but still was a staunch 2A supporter.

I never thought in a million years I’d have to point out such a thing, but yet here we are. Rights aren’t handed down from the government, they are yours as a default setting.

But, it doesn’t actually mean you have to exercise them. I want everyone to have a gun and arm themselves to defend their lives and property, but if someone wants to opt-out and not do so, that’s fine. I don’t think it’s a wise choice, but I’m not in charge of their lives. They are. If DL Hughley doesn’t want a gun, he doesn’t have to get one. Where the problems begin is when he decides that other people shouldn’t have one either. I can’t dictate terms to him, and I expect the same courtesy in return.

What I can’t abide by or respect is him, and others like him, wanting to willingly surrender their rights, to Daddy Government. As Noir says, it is indeed like being a guest in your own home. If something bad happens in the Hughley household, he’s dependent on others to respond. Whether it’s his own private armed guards, or agents of the local constabulary, he’s farming out an essential task to someone else – and he thinks we should do the same. DL Hughley and others like him are trash.

Listen, Hughley – not all of us are celebrities. Not all of us can afford to have hired help around to press the trigger if bad things happen. Nor do we live in an area where, for political and financial reasons, the cops prioritize response times. No sleight against the men and women in blue who are out there right now risking it all in ‘rona ravaged lands, but let’s be honest – the brass place priorities according to politics and not actual need. There’s a huge difference in the response if I call 911, versus what happens when 911 is called and part-time resident of Epic Miami Andrew Gillum happens to be there.

Again – if you don’t want to arm yourself, that’s fine. I can only recommend you do so, I can’t force you.

But to not do so and also campaign to deny my right to do so means that any respect I may have had for you goes out the window.

I’m sorry, I just don’t like you. It’s hard to respect someone who thinks my life isn’t important enough to safeguard.

Even worse is if someone like Hughley pulls an Alyssa Milano, and actually has guns of their own on premises, but actively seeks to deny my right. “Guns for me and not for thee”, amirite?

Yes, as I said above, what Canada does in response to tragedies on it’s own soil is essentially a Canadian matter. Canada (pretended to at least) broke away from the UK and became it’s own country for specific reasons, just as we did so about a hundred years prior to their confederation. It’s their patch of dirt, and their business. What makes it worth watching is because of the reactions of people like DL Hughley. Much like when the tragedy in New Zealand went down recently, the blue check brigade of Hollywood talking heads, drug-addled progressives, and other garden-variety morons has been mouthing off, wondering why we can’t be as “enlightened” as Justin from Canada’s rule by decree.

It’s a sad example of the soft dictatorship most nations on this planet live under. Also worth noting is that the legalese behind the decree is a prime example of political trickery. In 1992, Bill C-17 was enacted into law via a normal legislative process. Someone wrote a bill, the legislature voted on it, the executive signed it, and thus it was law. The “backdoor” was that the classifications of guns was left open to amendment and review. Rather than enact new laws banning certain guns, all Justin from Canada had to do was put more guns on the “bad” list. Also, in Canada, the right to keep and bear arms is not acknowledged, at all. Nor is any other right, really.

Where the rubber meets the road is that the cultural bug-lights in our nation are fully onboard with such machinations. They mean to up-end centuries of American tradition, just because it plays well with their paymasters and limited audience in upscale urban/suburban enclaves. Because to them, what the rubes in flyover country think isn’t important.

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Ironically, the process of “reclassification” isn’t too far-fetched even down here. President Trump, for reasons that are still unknown, declared a piece of plastic to be a machine gun, and thus it was enacted, with no legislative oversight. It’s not entirely impossible for the DoJ or another agency to draft a 500-page document declaring an AR-15 to be a machine gun. Again, with no legislative or judicial oversight. Thankfully here in the US, we can fight back in the halls of justice and power, since the Second Amendment guarantees our right to possess such things.

In Canada, not so much. Canadian gun owners who possessed a certain type of weapon on Thursday, suddenly found that they could not even legally use it on Friday. Retailers of said weapons cannot sell their inventory. There was no debate, and no legal recourse for the affected parties. Sure, a “buyback” is planned, but such measures provide ill compensation to people who did nothing wrong at all. All because Trudeau played to some wackjobs in Toronto and Vancouver who found black rifles “offensive”.

The Canadian situation is worth watching. We can’t do much (legally) but lend moral support and encouragement for our freedom-seeking Canadian brothers and sisters. But it’s worth watching and learning from, since the DL Hughleys and Alyssa Milano Samantha Micellis of the world want to turn us from citizens into subjects.

And that attitude, I cannot respect.

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