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On a base level, us Second Amendment Radicals are easy to shop for when it comes down to it. As the meme says “You know where the gun shop is…”.

Of course, since Christmas is almost upon us, it might not be practical to spend hours researching just what Christmas gifts to get that lovable gun nut in your life. So, in the spirit of the season, I’ve done some of the legwork for you.

Sidebar: I’m not neglecting Hanukkah, since when I wrote this article, Hanukkah had already passed. And Eid al-Fitr, which if I’m not mistaken is when Muslims give each other gifts, isn’t til May of next year. So Christmas it is. Though Tết is in Feburary if that’s your jam…

Anyways, let’s get down to business…

Sure, none of us Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens are going to bat an eye if you give us anything of a ballistic nature as a gift, even if we don’t have the need for it. For example, I don’t own a shotgun, but I wouldn’t say a word if someone gifted me a case of 12-gauge ammunition. Not going to lie, I actually have ammo for guns I don’t own. When you own and operate a gun blog, it happens.

However, there’s the whole issue of practicality. If you gave me a case of 12-gauge ammunition, I’d have to go out and buy a shotgun. Oh no, perish the thought.

All kidding aside though, it’s worth finding out just what your gun-toting pal/significant other is into. Do they own an AR-pattern rifle? Are they part of the AK goon squad? Are they a pistols-only sort of person? Do they compete? Hunt? The biathlon?

Narrowing it down makes the process easier, of course.

OK, here are some Christmas gift suggestions for those gun owners in your life, or yourself if you do what I do and “gift yourself” something occasionally, haha.

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Ultrasonic cleaners are amazing.

Whether the person you are buying a gift for is a dyed-in-the-wool Second Amendment Radical or someone who is new to this thing of ours, there’s always a need for quality gun cleaning supplies and equipment. Whether it’s a bottle of Breakthrough Clean solvent, some of their Battle Born oil, or a nifty ultrasonic cleaner (so worth it!), it’s always good to help that lovable gun nut in your life stock up. A clean gun is a happy gun, after all!

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No one is going to say no to ammo for Christmas.

Guns need to be fed. And that means ammo, and probably lots of it. Admittedly, prices are still rather high, but who can put a dollar value on happiness? Whether it’s a case of range ammo for an AR-15, a stack of steel-cased fun for an AK, or quality defensive ammo for a pistol, the recipient will be over-the-moon appreciative. There’s never such a thing as “too much ammo”.

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Magazines are a necessity for your gun.

You’re kind of SOL if your gun doesn’t have magazines. You’ll get one shot off and that’s about all she wrote. So, you’ll need some place to put those freedom pills, i.e. quality magazines for your guns. Just having the 2 or 3 that came with your weapon isn’t enough. For any firearm you plan on using for defense, a combat load is a necessity. For example, if you plan on using an AR for defensive purposes, 210 rounds loaded into magazines is the standard. You want to be ready for all eventualities, whether it be a criminal act directed at you, or full-on civil unrest. Trouble isn’t going to wait while you load up your mags.

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If someone gifted me an FNX-45 Tactical - I wouldn't complain.

Any Second Amendment Radical or armed citizen worth their salt wouldn’t say anything negative about being gifted a firearm. Whether it’s a used gun with some character, or something new out of the box still smelling of that packing grease, it’ll positively make their millennium if you go the distance and give the gift of ballistic goodness this holiday season.

Note: Depending on your jurisdiction, gifting a firearm could be subject to state law. In a universal background check state, the ultimate recipient of the weapon will have to be present at an FFL for the transfer to be legal. Also Federal law prohibits the private or retail transfer of a gun to a convicted felon who hasn’t had his or her rights restored. Double-check the “status” of the intended recipient in this case.

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Students learning clearing techniques at Condition One Group in Miami.

Firearms training classes are one of the few “class” experiences out there that are legitimately fun. Whether it’s a Basics of Pistol Shooting class offered by your local friendly firearms instructor, a defensive shooting class, or a full-on tactical experience at a firearms training facility, learning “how it’s done” with regards to firearms is always a welcome experience for any gun owner. Protip – if you’re feeling extremely magnanimous, spring for a force-on-force class with someone like Condition One Group in Miami. Getting your ass handed to you in what is close to a real firefight is worth it’s weight in gold.

Duck Duck Go around for firearms trainers in your local area. A good starting search term is “Basics Of Pistol Shooting” instructors.

I don't have a 3D printer, but here's a roll of PLA filament.

The future is here. Because of the pioneering work of people like JStark1809, Cody Wilson, and so forth, one doesn’t need a lathe and an education in metallurgy and industrial design to produce a working firearm at home anymore. The signal cannot be stopped. Home manufacturing of guns is becoming more and more widespread, especially with workable 3D printers hovering around the $200 mark. Couple that with easy techniques of homemade barrel riflng, and it’s a whole new world out there. If that Second Amendment Radical in your life is really walking the walk, he or she will definitely appreciate a 3D printer.

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