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standard disclaimer: This is a guest post by Mandatory Carry, an avid fan and reader of this blog. This is the first guest post ever for RGG, so bear with me. Nuances may not represent my own. Article is presented with only spell-check for editing.

The United States is on the edge of a “second” civil war. The truth is this is the FIFTH such conflict (for more on this, skip to the end of this post). With this in mind, I’d like to give a preview on what you should expect to see…

First, we must divide the country by regions; Not east-west or north-south, but rather urban and rural. In urban areas, anti-American forces will generally take the form of riots and occupations (such as the continuing occupation of Seattle); Intermittent in this will be shootings and sniper attacks, and possibly the occasional bombing. As the conflict drags on, truckers will refuse to service these areas for fear of being killed. As this continues on, the people of these areas will either leave or be driven out by the rebel forces in the search for food. De facto gang control. As these people flee, they will be refused entry into other areas unless they know someone who can take them in.

In the rural areas, local sheriffs will exercise their authority to raise militias (though by other terms) to serve primarily as sentries at the entry points (bus and trains stations, main roads, etc.) while restricting entry points along major highways (freeways and otherwise). One should expect to see at minimum “civilians” with AR-15s (most converted to automatic under dubious legal authority conveniently ignored under the circumstances) and various modes of armor (many improvised or home made) to prevent entry. Those few allowed entry will be searched for weapons first, then required to get verification for their friends in town before being allowed to remain. It is very likely to see enclosed fields (not camps per se) to await their friends to retrieve them.

You can expect to see train tracks closed “by whatever means provide expedience” in order to shut down trade, and possibly freeway bridges as well.
You can expect to see food shortages, though less so at the rural level (with truck drivers refusing to enter cities, or only under extremely restricted circumstances), medicine shortages (widespread), and widespread violence in the cities and especially in the deep cities (inner cities, downtowns, etc.) and widespread death as those who can leave the chaos do so.

First, leave if you can. At bare minimum, relocate to the edge of a city, with a solid escape route. As the initial chaos takes over, lock and barricade your doors. Stand ready to use whatever force you must to keep those who should stay out, OUT.

As daylight of the first day comes, evacuate. Take copies of whatever active prescriptions you have, take whatever food and medicine you can, a few sets of clothes, and then LEAVE and don’t look back. Don’t worry about your galley utensils, or photographs, or that sort of thing. Take what you will need to survive (including the trunk for the industrial hair dryer).

HAVE A PLAN for where you will go. Have at least one friend out of town who will take you in. If possible, take a camper or pop-up trailer; At very least, have blow up mattresses (as a courtesy to your host at least).

BE ARMED, and be ready to use it. The breakdown of law and order over wide swaths of the country means the police won’t even draw a chalk outline of your body; You MUST defend yourself.

Focus on saving yourself, to exclusion; You need to worry about YOU (editor’s note – and your family!). The terrorists will try to pose as fellow refugees to access the unwary. Leave collecting them to the national guard, etc.

Stay away from the refugee and evacuation areas unless directed to go there; These will be the sites of some of the worst violence outside the cities proper. Reach out to your friends in the area as soon as possible, and about a half hour before arrival. With luck they can meet you at the gates to the refugee area and escort your straight away to your temporary home.

For those caught “behind enemy lines,” evacuate as soon as practical. As a general rule, ruling factions won’t try to stop you, but they may try and rob you on your way out (“taxes”). Offer them as little as possible on your way out and then GET. OUT. Do not advertise your weapons; Hopefully you can leave without too much trouble and take them with you.

Survival Items

  • 3-man tent for every 2 members of your party.

  • A party tent rigged over at least 2 tents; This party tent can provide extra protection from rain and sun for the tent underneath. You can rig 2 or 3 together in tandem, though this isn’t really necessary and isn’t always practical.

  • A cot or blow up mattress and sleeping bag for every member of your party.

  • Enough food for 1 week and enough water bottles for 1 gallon for every member of your party. (editor says – water filter!)

  • A couple hundred feet of 55Ø cord (more if your party is big enough).

  • Tarps for ground cover.

  • Eating utensils

  • Solar panels to recharge batteries.

  • Travel trailer; Use it to carry the rest of the kit and for cooking primarily.

  • Shovel

  • Hatchet/Hammer.

  • Folding saw.

  • Ice Chest with reflective tarp over it. (At some date I’ll actually cover the deeper details of the ice chest, but for now this is enough; the reflective tarp helps the ice chest stay cooler longer in sunny environments.)

  • A few days spare clothes, both suitable for extreme heat, extreme cold, and in between. If your intentions are to link up with Patriots, BLUE CLOTHES. If your intentions are to link up with antifa or their allies, BLACK CLOTHES. These are forming up to be the de facto uniform colors of the conflict. Jeans, sweatshirts, and t-shirts are fine, and black gloves and foot wear is perfectly fine.

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(editor’s note – he recommends this for flexibility instead of toting many extra guns…)

¹ 9mm rounds can be run through .4Ø caliber mags, but you can expect about 2 failure to feed malfunctions per mag; Having proper 9mm mags is preferable.
² If possible, hide these amongst your camping supplies; Faction enforcers won’t search these too carefully, especially if it requires exhaustive efforts- Like opening doors.

“Carry, what the Hell do you mean ‘fifth civil war’? Every schoolchild knows there was only one, from 1861 to 1865! Some ‘historian’ you are!”

Not so; There is only one that carries the NAME “American Civil War.” Indeed, 5 is shortchanging the reality quite a bit, even assuming that some of these smaller conflicts are combined into singular events. The first conflicts were the Whiskey and Shays’ Rebellions. These are typically combined into one war due to proximity of time (only a few years apart) and over essentially the same issues. There were several other related events in this time, but they are also lumped in together (despite some dispute about motivation).

This was followed by the American Civil War, which if you don’t know much about, thank your high school education. You were not and probably never will be told the truth of the conflict.

The third was a wide collection of smaller conflicts from the Westward Expansion era; Smaller conflicts, such as the Lincoln County War (and the other Cattle Wars) and the James Gang’s tear across the west, most of which were attempts to “refight” the Civil War to one degree or another, or large scale massacres aimed at armed robbery (such as The Sheep Wars).

The Coal Wars came next; These were primarily 3 battles between the World Wars between coal miners and the mine owners. So serious were these battles that not only were machineguns emplaced by the miners, but the West Virginia National Guard was called in to put the uprising down at Blair Mountain in particular- They brought tanks and a Martin MB-1 bomber.

McMinn County War (“the Battle Of Athens”); WWII veterans rose up against an openly (and CONTEMPTUOUSLY) corrupt local sheriff. Though this conflict was limited (McMinn County in particular), it was a VERY popular uprising, and was the only one on this list that ended in changes in government policies.

There are others, some more significant than others, but (and I wish to emphasis) the non-violent Civil Rights marches led by Dr Martin Luther King and others ARE not part of this list- In any way, shape, or form. The hippy protests of the 196Ø’s and ‘7Ø’s are more violent than that (and for all its larger racist and violent ramifications, I still don’t count those as “violent” because the violence was never the original intention, and their violent members were never popular). I also am not listing certain violent protesters such as ELF/ALF, since their purported goals were environmental and animal rights (though those movements have morphed into antifa today).

Just wanted to spend a moment to give thanks to Mandatory Carry for his thoughts on the potential for civil conflict in the near future in the United States. Let’s hope it never happens, but let’s prepare as it will happen next month.

If you’re interested in submitting material for a guest post, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll talk things over. In the interests of fairness and continuity, I publish what is submitted to me as-is, save for spell-check. If you write it, that’s how it goes up.

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