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Yes, we’ve been down this road before. There’s always room for exposition and nuance though. Certainly, the existence of gun control and gun control supporters is a clear and present danger to free people and those who desire to be free. Whether it’s domestic enemies like Shannon Watts and Eric Swalwell or strange foreign smallfolk like Justin from Canada, those who seek to disarm others by the proxy of State violence are amongst the most vile people out there. That being said, what’s worse is the troubling sort that strike a pose like there’s nothing to it, purchase a firearm, and then openly advocate for more gun control. Whether it’s the Fudd down the street who shoots less than 100 rounds a year, or a panicky hypocrite who bought an AR15 during the recent unpleasantness, those in the fifth column near us Second Amendment Radicals are a troubling faction to say the least. They purchased a firearm, but they clearly do not support the Second Amendment

However, even with these people, there’s some nuance. But first, a small field guide to what us Second Amendment Radicals politely call the “Butters”, as in “I support The Second Amendment, but…”

Sidebar: There is no “but”. The Second says what it says, in the clearest language of the time it was written.

But (haha) anyways, there’s a few main types of “Butters”…


The Fudd

Ah the Fudd. The classic “Butter”. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the concept and sport of hunting (we should all have at least a Hunting 101 education…), the Fudd has been a perennial problem in the Second Amendment Community. For almost a century now, the Fudd has never spoken up or taken action when a local, state, or Federal gun control bill came up for debate. The NFA didn’t bother him since machine guns were for rich people, and only poachers needed a suppressor. His cherished Remington or Winchester bolt-action rifle was untouched by the legal machinations of the time. Fast forward to the Gun Control Act of 1968, which was specifically crafted to appease the Fudd, and even had the tacit blessing of the NRA. This was prior to the Cinncinnati Revolt where the NRA found it’s balls, but there you have it. Black rifles don’t mean anything to them because the deer don’t wear kevlar, and background checks don’t faze them since they haven’t purchased a gun since the 1960s, if ever. Ironically that hand-me-down bolt gun may have been transferred illegally if said Fudd inherited it recently and lives in a slave state.

Anyway, the Fudd’s low-key “fuck you, I got mine” attitude was sadly prevalent in the firearms world until the 1990s. As bemoaned by King Fudd (and Asshole Of the Month Recipient) Ryan D Busse, it’s in the 1990s when the firearms industry actually responded to consumer demand and focused more on providing firearms for defensive use – all this despite the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban (another Fudd creation) being in effect.

Fudds span the political spectrum, from establishment Republicans, to Democrats who still vote blue no matter who because their union bosses told them to. Fortunately a Fudd is easy to spot. They go to the range once a year with a box of 20 rounds to zero in their firearm, and slink out the proverbial side door, knowing full well if they linger, they may say something out of line…

Fudd Threat Profile

Usually Fudds don’t vote based on 2A stance. This can be bad, and good. They’ll vote for their wallet, which can mean GOP in the form of (promised but rarely delivered) lower taxes, or they vote Democrat since their union bosses get greased, and a few microcents trickle down to the rank and file.

Where the Fudd becomes problematic is when anti-gun forces leverage him for the “as a gun owner…” trope where they endorse bans, background checks, and other delusional nonsense.

Fudd Conversion Potential

Fudds usually aren’t dumb, they’re just set in their ways. Or they figure they’re gonna shuffle off this mortal coil soon, and their vote doesn’t matter. However, due to the machinations and night-sweat driven compositions of gun control law drafters, Fudd firearms and things Fudds use often fall under the purview of legislation. For example, an ammunition background check. Fudds gotta feed their guns as well, and a box of .30-30 is no different in a legal sense than a box of 7.62x39mm. Or in the case of creeping incrementalism where eventually that reliable old Remington will need to be registered.

When approaching a Fudd for potential recruitment into this thing of ours, focus on things that would affect them.

The Fair Weather 2A Fan

In less uncertain times, the Fair Weather 2A Fan was usually the result of a localized moment of civil unrest, a natural disaster, or they were a personal victim of a violent attack. However, these are more uncertain times, so there’s been more than the usual amount of Fair Weather 2A Fans lurking about.

As Second Amendment Radicals, we’ve encountered these types on a regular basis. Normally against gun control, and often still supporting it after their firearms purchase, these are the people who come to a Second Amendment Radical looking for firearms advice, but only because it benefits them. Something happened to them, and they realize that the police are many minutes away (and liable to make the situation worse if they show up) and that they are their own first responder.

At that moment, they absolutely want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It’s a variant of the classic trope of “a conservative is a liberal who has just been mugged…”.

With scant knowledge of how the legal purchase of firearms work in the United States and their local jurisdiction, they actually get miffed when they run into the gun control laws they gleefully supported and voted for during a prior electoral cycle. They’re astounded that they have to wait to take their gun home. They’re shocked that they can’t just go to a gun show and buy a machine gun in the parking lot. In desperation they’ve been known to attempt bribing a firearms retailer in hopes of “skipping the line” – in their world, their financial VIP status is supposed to render them immune from the laws us common folk have to suffer under.

They’ll go through the hoops, and eventually take their new firearm home with them.

Your typical Fair Weather 2A Fan is an urban white person who follows a more left-leaning ideology. Whether it’s Ryan the IPA-drinking bugman, or Ashlee/Ashleigh/Ashlie the AWFL (Average White Liberal Female), they’ll have purchased a GLOCK or (gasp!) even an AR-15. They’ll do one or two range sessions with the weapon and stow it in a closet somewhere. Secretly ashamed of their purchase, they’ll often turn it in at the next regime-sponsored “buyback” farce, and maybe even do a social clout post of them “doing the right thing”, especially if they are a celebrity.

Fair Weather 2A Fan Threat Profile

With scant exceptions, the Fair Weather 2A Fan almost always votes for candidates who support and promote gun control. They may even donate directly to the grifters at Everytown, the cretins at Giffords, and the low-IQ types at whatever Brady calls themselves this week. Politically they are problematic, since on occasion they get roped into an “as a gun owner…” campaign put on by the enemy propaganda ministry. There’s a dash of “fuck you I got mine” in their ethos, too.

On a more mundane level, keep an eye on these people at the range. You may catch a round from a negligent discharge.

Fair Weather 2A Fan Conversion Potential

Fair Weather 2A Fans seek social acceptance above everything. They may actually hold opinions contrary to what’s transmitted from the propaganda ministries, but for financial and psychological reasons, they’ll toe the party line. The key here is “acceptance”. If it’s an acquaintance confiding in you that they “shamefully” purchased a firearm, or a neophyte bumbling at the range, they’re ripe for recruitment. Show them that us “gun nuts” are a fun, accepting, and caring bunch. They may lose acceptance in their café society friends, but they’ll gain a bunch of new ones amongst our lovable contingent.

For example, I was never for gun control, but I kept my 2A support “hidden” as a means of social camouflage. When I spoke up about it, I definitely lost so-called friends, but gained a bunch of better ones in their place.

The Gun Control-Supporting Military Veteran

When one enlists to serve in the US military, one takes an oath to defend the Constitution. Which includes the Second Amendment. Supporting gun control goes against that oath. Which is why the cadre of veterans and active-duty military servicemembers who support gun control are truly amongst the reprehensible.

The Gun Control-Supporting Military Veteran may or may not be a trigger-presser by trade. As has been noted in the past, the bulk of the military is logistics and support. Only around 25 percent of the active duty and reserve soliders press a trigger or operate a weapons system for a living. A smaller segment yet can be described as “competent” with their firearm, tank, or fighter jet.

However, those details are usually the provenance of discussions in the Second Amendment Nerdery. To the normies, military service means Rambo, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, and Doug Masters. Some guy stacking crates of electronics at Ramstein Air Force Base doesn’t factor into they mythos of the armed forces.

Where this becomes a problem is when politicians leverage their own veteran status, or leverage the status of a veteran, to further their gun control agenda. In logic, this is called the appeal to authority fallacy, and it stinks. Just because you’re paid to tote around a rifle doesn’t mean you’re good with it. Take Democrat Mayor Pete for example. Before he got a gig with the current regime, Mayor Pete had a go at running for President. When it came to guns, Pete pointed to his front-line service during the War On Terror. There’s pictures of him cradling an M4, while in full Army duds. Does it mean Mayor Pete actually shot at enemy combatants? No, not quite. Pete’s weapon of choice was Quickbooks and Powerpoint, where he pored over data for some reason or another. He was issued a rifle just in case the enemy made it past the trigger pressers. In other words, no one actually expected him to use it. But there he goes, running his mouth about gun control.

Even worse is when someone who’s been there done that spouts off in support of gun control. Rob O’Neill is the SEAL that commonly gets the final credit for killing Osama bin Laden. Well done, sir. But recently, he stated that “shall not be infringed” should have limits. When challegend, he fell back on his (yes impressive) track record, thinking that knowing how to operate a firearm and dispatch armed opponents at zero-dark-thirty (haha) somehow gives you the clout to promote the restriction of an inherent natural right.

I’ll gladly listen to O’Neill when it comes to the finer points of firearms handling. The man has knowledge. But where I’m gonna stop him is when he thinks he has sway over what firearms I can possess, and when I can possess them. Sorry pal, the reason we’re armed is so we can say “no” when your co-workers get froggy and decide we shouldn’t be armed. We might not be an operator operating operationally, but there’s more of us than y’all.

Sidebar: Training shouldn’t be tied to exercising a right, but please get trained everyone!

Gun Control-Supporting Military Veteran Threat Profile

Problematic to say the least, especially if they run for office, leverage their veteran status, and sway normies and moderates. I’m looking at you, Crenshaw. Anyways, part of the issue is that under a strict gun control regime, it’s ofter the military service members who have exemptions. Taken a step further it’s akin to the revolutionary cadres in insert-banana-republic-name-here. As a naked PR operative or pawn, these guys and gals are the worst.

Gun Control-Supporting Military Veteran Conversion Potential

Almost nil. They often have ways of acquiring firearms despite gun control, and are often the regime’s prized pigs when it comes to that. They got theirs, and screw everyone else. Go enlist if you want to carry an assault weapon, bro! Usually the guy saying that stacked boxes for a living and never saw an actual terrorist, by the way.

The NFA/FFL Elitist

Admittedly rare, since to be blunt both the NFA (for the purposes of this article we’re really just talking about machine guns) and the FFL game require an insane amount of patience and money to play in. Also if you’re getting into the FFL game, that means you’re a businessperson and thus you’d rather see less gun control than more – less gun control means you can move more product and make more money, considerations about freedom aside.

But yes, they do exist. On a mundane level you’ll see this in the slave states, where an FFL will have non-compliant (for you anyways) weapons on the wall, usually not available for rent. Or you’ll get the stink-eye if you dare ask for a “militaristic” product. I do recall at a gun show once where an ammo vendor had plenty of .223 but no 5.56mm. For specific reasons I tend to prefer 5.56mm to feed my ARs with. The ammo vendor said “no one outside of the military needs 5.56mm” – uh hello, that’s my decision and not yours.

As for the NFA folk who have a machine gun or maybe multiple automatic weapons, it’s oft been rumored that some big-shot NFA collectors pull strings behind the scenes to shoot down proposals to repeal the NFA, ostensibly to protect their investments. Remember that for non-FFLs, possession a a machine gun made after May 19th, 1986, is illegal, regardless of your willingness to pay. The NFA-Elitist-Fudd is largely apocryphal, but they are out there. Occasionally it’s a collector who is too old to care, but more commonly one will encounter someone who doesn’t own a machine gun, and believes the NFA is a “barrier” to prevent bad people from getting one. The fact that one can make a crude machine gun from about $50 worth of parts from Home Depot seems to escape them.

NFA/FFL Elitist Threat Profile

For the few that exist, they are a rather pointed threat. They “got theirs”, and usually are more than willing to cooperate with the government when it comes to gun control since they are usually exempt. Note that this is different from an FFL cooperating with say, an ATF Industry Operations Investigator, since their business is on the line, and sometimes putting food on the table gets in the way of ideological considerations.

NFA/FFL Elitist Conversion Potential

Almost nil. They got theirs, and are shielded by a government indulgence, either their FFL or their tax stamps. The only time you see them get heated is when the government threatens their business or collections directly. The regime has turned the screws hard on FFLs as of late, with revocations being issued for a simple typo rather than an unofficial “Hey Bob, the C key and the V key are close together on the keyboard, maybe slow down when you type…”.

And of course NFA collectors get heated when the government threatens to change the terms and conditions of the NFA, i.e. increasing the tax stamp price.

Gun Control-Supporting Gun Owners Are Problematic, But Can Be Leveraged

Outside of the newbies who got their first gun in a hurry and haven’t had time to learn the ins and outs of the Second Amendment Radical lifestyle, the gun control-supporting gun owner is a problem. Their very existence is a contradiction. They purchase a weapon since the government can’t protect them, but have no problems allowing the same government to hold sway over the purchase and possession of that weapon. However, with dogged determination they can be drawn into the fold of Second Amendment Radical fun. Irritating, to be honest, but in the end, we need to grudgingly attempt to be cordial-ish to them, and get them on board. Some mockery is in order, to be sure, but in the end, it’s always worth the attempt to get them into the big 2A tent.

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