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Episode 12 of the Regular Guy Guns Podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and also can be directly listened to in this very blog post. Spooky season is at a crescendo!

It took another minute to get this one out. Real life got in the way as it were, as it seems to do lately. Of course I have commentary on the Alec Baldwin situation, which is a distraction if you really think about it. In other news, Palmetto State Armory did a thing, and the squids are spooky.


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Episode Notes

We discuss:

  • The Alec Baldwin shooting situation on the set of his film, Rust

  • Palmetto State Armory acquires Eastern European steel-cased ammo production gear and know-how and is bringing it to the US under their Soviet Arms brand.

  • Squid Game is alright, even with the firearms inaccuracies.


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