Introduction To Competition Precision Shooting

Yesterday, we embarked on an exciting journey through the dynamic realm of action shooting sports. While action shooting is undeniably thrilling, it might not resonate with everyone all the time. The good news is that competitive shooting offers a diverse array of options, and in this exploration, we’ll broadly dive into what we refer to as “precision” shooting sports.

Understanding Precision Shooting Sports

Precision sports focus on the mastery of challenging shots, where accuracy and precision take center stage. While there might be time constraints in some scenarios, scoring primarily revolves around hitting the target and, often, the specific area within the target. Let’s unravel some classic precision shooting sports and their nuances.

Bullseye Pistol and Rifle Sports

Classic precision shooting includes Bullseye Pistol and its rifle counterparts like High Power, F-Class, Palma, and Smallbore, along with their Olympic counterparts. Competitors aim at a conventional bullseye target, with concentric circles assigning varying point values. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the most points after firing a predetermined number of rounds, with the elusive “X-ring” often breaking ties between competitors.

Olympic Pistol Sports

Olympic pistol sports involve shooting .22lr and air guns one-handed at distances ranging from 10 to 50 meters. The precision required is showcased by ten-rings that can be less than half an inch across.

NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup)

Action Pistol, known as Bianchi Cup, introduces tighter time constraints. Competitors shoot at paper targets and steel plates at distances extending up to 50 yards.

Rifle Sports – High Power, F-Class, Palma, Small bore, and Olympic (Air)

Rifle sports vary based on the type of rifle used and the shooting distance, ranging from 10 meters in Olympic sports to 1000 yards in F-Class and Palma. The X-rings present significant challenges, with some as small as 0.5 mm.


Benchrest allows shooters to fully support their rifles mechanically, emphasizing the physical skills of sight alignment, trigger press, and an understanding of wind effects on bullet trajectories.

Silhouette Shooting

Silhouette Shooting blends elements of the Steel Challenge, featuring steel targets shaped like animals. Competitors have a limited number of shots and time to knock over targets, using either rifles or pistols.

Precision Rifle Series

Modern Precision Rifle, notably as part of the Precision Rifle Series, involves using modern rifles to shoot small steel targets at varying distances, often under challenging conditions.

Shotgun Sports – Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays

Traditional shotgun sports like Trap, Skeet, 5-Stand, and Sporting Clays challenge competitors to shoot at moving clay targets, showcasing the difficulty of ensuring pellets pass through the target.

A World of Competitive Shooting

This overview merely scratches the surface of the vast landscape of competitive shooting. As we delve into these diverse sports, we’ll uncover the intricacies, strategies, and sheer excitement each discipline offers. Join me on this exploration, and together, let’s unravel the fascinating world of precision shooting sports.


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