Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Revolver


First introduced in 1985, the Ruger GP100 has a reputation for being tough as nails and built to last. People also call this gun a working man’s revolver due to the value you get per dollar spent.

Ruger GP100: The Do It All Revolver

Although the weight of this handgun at 36 oz. may not be ideal for most people to carry, this is a factor that will be an immense help to absorb the recoil. This gives the shooter better control of the gun in terms of effectiveness in hitting the target.

This powerful firearm from Ruger is strong and extremely durable if you want a gun that will last a lifetime.

The Ruger GP100 is as accurate as any top quality revolver. Out of the box, it has a nice and clean stainless finish and real good condition. The sight is a U-shaped groove in the rear. It’s not something you want to conceal at 36 oz. in weight as this gun is big and not really suitable for that purpose.

I would recommend it though for home defense as it’s easy to use, your wife will not have a hard time learning how to use it. Other features of this handgun include Hogue grips, 6 rounds cylinder capacity, and an overall length of 8.5 inches. This handgun is also available in 3, 4.20, and 6-inch barrels.

6 Rounds Capacity

The Ruger GP100 .357 mag revolver has 6 rounds cylinder capacity in all its different barrel lengths.

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You can shoot this gun all day and it will still be accurate.

Hogue Grips

This gun comes with Hogue grips out of the box made from synthetic rubber.

Hogue Grips | Handgun Reviews: Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Revolver

This gun comes with Hogue grips out of the box made from synthetic rubber.

It’s very durable and helps absorb the recoil when shooting. Other cool grips are also available for the GP100.

Watch this video review of the Ruger GP100 revolver:

Just simply looking at the Ruger GP100 will tell you right away that it’s one heck of a firearm. A friend of mine has owned a 4.20-inch barrel of this model for years now and is greatly satisfied with its performance. This gun is durable, accurate, and has serious firepower.

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Have you ever tried firing a Ruger GP100? Share your experience in the comments below!

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