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Rona or no rona, the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday shopping season is officially upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday/Cyber Week are in full effect. Especially in 2020, I imagine the gift-giving will be of a ballistic nature. Gun owners old and new are probably looking for that dream gun, or looking to accessorize their existing firearms. With that in mind, here are some of my recommendations for some holiday gifts for the gun owner, firearms enthusiast, and Second Amendment Radical.

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Another note: All items are in-stock as of the time and date of this post. Hotly contested things like firearms and ammo are being replenished as fast as possible. If it’s in-stock, buy it. If it’s out of stock, set an alert for when it is. It’s wild out there!

Brownells BRN-180S 300BLK Gen 2 Complete Upper Receiver

BRN-180s Gen 2 300BLK Upper from Brownells.

Your primary defensive rifle should always be in a commonly-available (even during a shortage, ha ha) caliber such as 5.56x45mm NATO or even 7.62x39mm (AK). Boutique hipster calibers are nice, but don’t rely on them for your primary. That being said, if you already have a solid AR-15, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting something chambered in a more exotic caliber, such as 300BLK. A good way to do this is to just grab the dedicated upper, which can be shipped straight to your door – no fuss, no muss. Push out two pins, place your upper appropriately, push in two pins, and it’s like having a brand-new rifle.

One hot contender this year is the Brownells BRN-180S 300BLK Complete Upper Receiver. Based on Eugene Stoner’s innovative successor to the AR-15, the AR-180, this upper sports a gas-piston operating system (same idea as the AK-47) as opposed to a direct-impingement system like an AR-15 or M4. This is a cleaner-running setup and results in a generally more-reliable system.

The barrel itself is a 10-inch one, which is around the ideal length for 300BLK. This upper also sports an adjustable gas system so you can fine-tune the operation for suppressor use. Brownells sought out the best, and this upper was designed in conjunction with Primary Weapons Systems and Foxtrot Mike Products. This is a great way to step into the world of 300BLK without having to commit to building a complete new firearm for the purpose. Plus you get some street cred by going with the AR-180 operating system.

Note: As this is a 10” barrel, this either has to go on an AR-style pistol build or a short-barreled rifle (SBR). If your intent is to go the SBR route, all NFA regulations should be followed if you want to stay legal.

Get Your BRN-180S 300BLK Complete Upper Receiver Here.


Trijicon RMRcc Red Dot Sight

The Trijicon RMRcc Red Dot Sight for Compact Pistols.

Standard “iron” sights have served pistol shooters well for decades, even centuries. Illuminated or otherwise, the little metal or plastic posts work, and they work well enough. Jerry Miculek can blast the knee off of a gnat just using irons. But even Jerry will use a red-dot sight when he has to go the distance.

Once the realm of operators operating operationally, red dot holographic pistol sights have become all the rage these days. Until recently, they were all a little bulky and only “sat well” on full-size duty pistols. But Trijicon, recognizing that your armed citizen was most likely to have a compact pistol like a GLOCK 19, recently introduced their RMRcc sight. Based on the pioneering RMR, the RMRcc scales everything down a bit, and is right at home atop your compact daily carry firearm. Rugged as hell, it can take a full-on beating and still hold zero.

If you’re used to iron sights, there is a bit of a learning curve with pistol red dot sights. You have to draw, then “find the dot”. Since it’s a bright red dot, it’s pretty elementary. The specific advantage, like with rifle red dot sights, is that you’re only worrying about lining up the red dot on the target, not the rear sights and front sight. A little less work. The benefit here is you can reach out further with more accuracy out of a compact pistol.

Note: your specific firearm may require a mounting plate, an adapter of some sort, or full-on gunsmithing for the Trijicon RMRcc to be installed correctly. Check into it before purchasing.

Get Your Trijicon RMRcc Here.

FN FNX-45 Tactical 45 ACP Pistol

A sort of synthwave take on the FNH USA FNX-45.

It’s no secret I’m a .45 ACP fanboy. I know the pros and cons of the caliber, and despite the cons, I still love it. There’s just something truly American about carrying a firearm chambered in .45 ACP. And there’s simply few better pistols out there in the caliber than the FN FNX-45 Tactical.

Like a lot of pistols that make their way to the armed citizen market, the FNX-45 came about because of a military requirement. In 2005, the US Special Operations Command asked for a new pistol under the Joint Combat Pistol program. The requirement stipulated .45 ACP, and also for some guns to have an external safety. Weirdness, but there it was. Anyway, like a lot of military programs, this one never actually happened. For reasons unknown, the Pentagon canceled the project. So FN was left with the tooling, molds, and so on, and no buyers for the pistol. So, they decided to market it to the armed citizens of the United States. Though a Belgian company, the FNX-45 is produced right here in the US by FN America. Appropriate in a way since FN hired John Moses Browning, the inventor of the .45 ACP, way back when, to get their pistol business off the ground.

Anyways, this pistol is a beast. I wouldn’t recommend it for concealed carry, but it’s a great suppressor host, with the included threaded barrel, and in my mind, is eminently suitable for home defense, and even handgun hunting – especially since you’ll have 15+1 rounds on tap. The huge frame soaks up the .45 ACP recoil wonderfully – it’s no worse than shooting a big 9mm pistol. Takedown and maintenance are a breeze. I’ve had the pleasure of having this pistol on an extended loan from a friend, and it’s just plain badass all around. This would make a great additional pistol to anyone’s collection. Simply put – “want!” If I saw this under the tree, I’d need smelling salts to be revived after opening the box.

Get Your FN FNX-45 Tactical here.


Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner

Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner 2L.

Most modern firearms designed for defensive and service use can take an amazing amount of cleaning neglect before something bad happens. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just let the task of cleaning be ignored. Besides, cleaning firearms is oddly fun. However, we’ve all got limited time, and it’s a little difficult to spend hours communing with our firearms and getting into every nook and crevasse.

Enter the Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner. Ostensibly designed to clean up spent brass ammo casings for reloaders, the 2L variant of the Sonic Cleaner will easily fit most critical firearms components. You can disassemble your bolt carrier group and plop it right in the included basket. With Hornady’s custom cleaning fluid or something more mundane like Simple Green, you engage the system and blast all the crud, gak, and gunk right off the affected part. Let dry and the pieces in question are as good as new. Takes less than 10 minutes per cycle. I have one and I simply love it. It’s a huge time-saver.

Plus, you’re supporting Hornady, which is one of the biggest companies to see things “our way” and support the Second Amendment to the T.

Get Your Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner 2L Here.

Magazines From The Mag Shack Are Always A Great Gift.

I’ve had the good fortune to be blessed to have a great working relationship with the fine folk at The Mag Shack. Like me, they’re located in Florida, and on occasion they’ll send me care packages full of rifle and pistol magazines to evaluate.

Sure, you’ve got the gun, and you’ve got your stash of ammo. And you probably got a few magazines that came with the weapon. But, it’s not enough. For your chosen firearms platform, you want to have a “combat load” (210 rounds for an AR-15) ready to go at all times. And that means more magazines.

Magazines are usually relatively cheap accessories. PMAGs are usually under $15 for the AR. Metal USGI Mags like the Surefeeds, even cheaper. Pistol mags (unless your’re like me an an HK fan…) are usually super-cheap as well.

And The Mag Shack has them all, with a ridiculously fast turnaround time.

Magazines – the perfect stocking stuffers.

Get Your Rifle And Pistol Magazines At The Mag Shack

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