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Oh bother, another article on a gun blog opposing the nomination of David Chipman as ATF Director. Well, yes. Our community of Second Amendment Radicals and armed citizens has been racked by petty issues and divisiveness over the past few weeks, but we have to put that all aside for the moment. David Chipman is a clear and present danger to the nation, and a very real threat to not only gun owners, but the very principles our nation was founded upon.

Simply put, David Chipman is a statist, violent, and authoritarian sociopath who isn’t fit for the position of ATF Director, nor is he fit for any position where he can hold sway over the rights and existence of other people. He doesn’t want you to have an AR-15. He sees the NFA as a “good start”. Fudds, he’ll send his teams after your Remingtons, most likely deeming them to be “sniper rifles” or some such nonsense.

Furthermore, Chipman is an embodiment of the authoritarian wishes of a certain segment of our population. Forever plagued by a victimhood mentality, the progressive political factions in this nation would like nothing more than to have a murderous posterboy to enact violence on their behalf. Chipman represents a sadly misguided and outright despicable segment of our population.


As the amazing people at Operation Blazing Sword put it, having Chipman as ATF Director is like a homophobe investigating hate crimes. And it’s not just as if someone who’d rather not be around gay folk was doing the investigating – imagine if someone who supported the death of Matthew Shepherd was in charge of a hate crimes division at the local cop shop. Yes, he’s that bad. He’s not just your average government flunky who doesn’t like guns, the man has built a career around being anti-gun. Well, anti-gun unless you’re one of his friends, paymasters, or in the employ of a government agency, anyhow.

Listen, if we’re to suffer the indignity of having an agency that is specifically tasked with regulating firearms in our nation, contrary to the Constitution, at the very least, we should have someone heading it who is impartial and neutral.

And yes, to be fair, I would totally understand (but still mock, haha!) those who would object to say, someone who was an NRA lobbyist becoming the head of the ATF. To be honest at that point, may as well disband the ATF. Well, one can dream…

Anyways, this guy is seriously problematic. I’m going to fisk from the Op Blazing Sword press release here, so bear with me…

David Chipman Is A Liar

For some reason, Reddit chose to trot out a career bureaucrat for one of their infamous “Ask Me Anything” bits. Other than being probably a really boring choice – seriously, who the hell wants to hear some government stooge lecture the audience to death on banning things? Even if you support gun control, Chipman’s AMA was probably the most boredom-inducing piece of slow-pitch debate since forever.

That being said, Chipman claimed that the ATF found .50 caliber rifles at the scene of the infamous Branch Davidian massacre in 1993. Neither FBI records, nor the records of local Texas law enforcement have anything resembling those items cataloged.

Plus, there’s the whole deal of Chipman standing in the rubble of the razed Koresh compound like he’s some sort of war hero. We can debate Koresh himself til the cows come home, but the simple fact is over 70 people, mostly innocent women and children, perished in the botched raid. Whomever set the fire, Feds or Koresh, the act shouldn’t be celebrated nor even documented in a fashion that could be interpreted as such. Chipman standing over the smoldering ruins is the behavior of a mass murderer, not a sworn law enforcement agent.

Under Chipman, The ATF Will Attempt To Come For Your Guns

With respect to the AR-15, I support a ban.

David ChipmanMay 26th 2021

We know the modern United States government intensely dislikes the fact that we’re armed, to the tune of nearly (and potentially more than) half-a-billion privately owned firearms in this country. I guarantee a Constitution 2.0 would not have the Second Amendment.

In the 90s, the government banned the possession of AR-15s (and plenty of other guns) made after the enactment of the infamous Assault Weapons Ban. The ban grandfathered in ARs made prior to the date, but anything made after that date, was prohibited from citizen possession. The same rules applied to magazines over ten rounds in capacity as well. Thankfully, an unheard-of sunset clause was baked into the final law, and in 2004, the long national nightmare of the Assault Weapons Ban was over.

Had the ban not sunset, we’d be under a strict gun control regime – the government has never stopped in their gun control efforts, and they never will. Draft documents of further bans surfaced not too soon after the AWB was signed into law by former President Clinton.

Chipman considers the 1994-2004 period to be the glory days for himself and people like him.

A new AWB or not, Chipman would use the broad rulemaking tactics of the ATF to ban the sale and even the possession of America’s most popular rifle – the ‘common use’ clause of the Heller decision be damned.

The first step of course would be to drastically expand the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934. For untold decades, NFA items kind of sailed under the legislative radar, with (other than the Hughes Amendment), little in the way of adjustments being done. Pay the $200 sin tax, register your item, and you too can possess a machine gun, suppressor, SBR/S, or destructive device. Outside of state laws banning citizen use of NFA items, the NFA scene has always been rather static – no one outside of the “gun scene” really knew about it. Normies just assumed MGs were flat-out illegal.

Now, the cat is out of the bag. President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr has specifically mentioned the National Firearms Act in his platform. He’s proposed a drastic expansion of the scope of the NFA, by legislative action or executive fiat. If President Trump could direct the DoJ to draft a literal book to declare a bump stock a machine gun, Biden could direct his agencies to do the same about an AR-15, for example.

If Chipman gets the nod for ATF director, this is a very real possibility. Already there’s convoluted proposals out there to reclassify the term ‘firearm receiver’ to basically mean anything beyond a block of metal, and they’re going to drop the proposed rulemaking concerning pistol braces real soon now.

The ban could be innocuous at first, with some form of “amnesty” where owners of ARs and other rifles that fall under the convoluted hopefully-hypothetical definitions are “only” required to register and pay the NFA tax. Of course, at that point the government has a handy shopping list of of black rifles. Registrations usually are followed up with outright bans, as we’ve seen in California, so at that point the ATF would have something to work off of.

The actual acts of enforcement wouldn’t be door-to-door at first. Chipman, a demonstrated fan of State violence and murder, would order the ATF to cherry-pick a few “obvious” targets. Racists (real or imagined), child predators, and the like. People who have committed actual crimes as opposed to just merely owning a black rifle and not telling the government about it. Such a move plays well in the press, and makes the ban and it’s enforcement easier for the normals to swallow – after all, no one likes racists and those who harm children.

A few mini-Wacos with favorable press coverage, and a lot of other people will fall in line. Your average Joe who maybe picked up an AR during the riots, rona, and electoral chaos doesn’t want a bunch of up-armored welfare recipients burning his house down at 3 AM. He’ll either bury the guns somewhere, or roll over and turn them in at the nearest police station. Or maybe not. I hope I’m wrong if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition.

Post-ATF, Chipman Worked For The Gun Control Lobby

As a seasoned field agent, Chipman could have had his choice of careers in law enforcement after departing the active service of the ATF. He could have worked in local or state law enforcement. He could have opened up a consulting business for the alcohol, tobacco, or firearms industry. He could have just lived off that fat pension and raised chickens.

Nope – he threw off all pretenses and went straight to work for a major enemy of the American people – the gun control lobby.

Under various payrolls and funding sources, be it Everytown, Mayors Against “Illegal” Guns, and Giffords, Chipman went straight to work for the Bloomberg machine. Whatever the name, each and every one of those organizations has a stated goal to restrict and eventually outlaw the private ownership of firearms. Bloomberg wants you disarmed and preferably dead, remember.

With Chipman as a hired golem, Bloomberg’s organizations gave themselves a shred of “credibility” to those unschooled in firearms. Your average citizen figures an ATF agent would know a thing or two about guns, right? /sarcasm

Again – it’s as if David Duke were put in charge of the hate crimes division at a major urban police department.

Zero objectivity here, folks.


David Chipman is a sociopath. He’s a fan of unchecked State violence, and is a clear and present danger to our nation and way of life. However, despite the recent ruckus concerning the elections and other government machinations, the voice of the people does seem to work, if we shout loud enough. So, what peaceful methods does a Second Amendment Radical and armed citizen have at their disposal?

For better or for worse, most director-level executive branch positions have to be confirmed by the Senate. Presumably, the support and opposition to Chipman’s confirmation will fall mostly on party lines, but Chipman’s lust for citizen blood, and blatantly obvious record of corporatism, graft, and corruption make him unpalatable to even some Democratic senators. A “ripe target” is Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Joe is one of the last of the moderate Democrats. He represents a state that’s culturally red, and has often expressed a moderate stance on gun control, more out of a sense of keeping his job rather than actually believing that any of it works. Party machines demand one occasionally check the appropriate boxes of bonafides, and unfortunately gun control is a big one for the “D”.

Anyway – D, R, I, or anywhere in between – contact your Senator. Email is nice, but phone calls work best. If we had time I’d suggest traditional printed and mailed letters, but unfortunately due to government security protocols, items mailed to government officials take at least a month to make it to their desk.

Contact your Senators here using this directory.

Support And Encourage Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Federal laws ostensibly are only supposed to be enforced by federal law enforcement. State and local law enforcement involvement in federal matters is often a professional courtesy or a case where the crime in question is also a state or local matter. For example, the mere act of illegal immigration is a federal crime, not necessarily a state or local one. However, state and local cops often will assist federal agents in immigration issues, especially if the suspects in question commit other crimes, i.e. murder, drug dealing, etc.

Conversely we’ve all heard stories of mayors and governors telling their law enforcement to not assist federal immigration agents in catching illegals. Again, it’s a federal matter, so by the book this is “OK”. Federal laws require federal agents.

Over the past few years, several enterprising municipalities and even entire states have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. The idea is similar to the immigration example I discussed above. Gun control is ostensibly a federal matter, and the ATF exists to enforce those laws. State and local participation is a professional courtesy, at least where the firearms are concerned. In a Second Amendment Sanctuary, the declaration requires that state and local law enforcement are not to be used in the enforcement of federal gun control. If the ATF wants to enforce a nationwide ban on AR-15s, then the ATF has to send people out to do it. In a 2A sanctuary, the local cops sit it out.

For reference, the ATF only has 2653 Special Agents as of FY 2020. The Special Agents are the ones with guns, by the way. There’s around 800 Industry Operations Investigators, but they are unarmed. They are the ones who go to gun shops and make sure everything is just so.

So, even if they dragoon the IOIs into carrying guns, the ATF only would have just under 3500 armed personnel at their disposal. As of this writing, fully half the nation has declared itself a 2A sanctuary in some way, shape or form.

However – the sanctuary declarations are usually just that – a declaration. Some have the force of law, some don’t. Even fewer promise active responses to federal incursions, i.e. local LE blocks and even arrests Feds.

Regardless of the level of dedication, the 2A Sanctuary concept and movement needs all the support it can get. If you live in an area where it’s a thing, touch base with your local government and law enforcement – see where their heads are at, and express your support for the concept. The more people they see vocal about the issue, the more pressure they will feel to actually back up their resolutions.

If you live in an area where the idea of a 2A Sanctuary isn’t a thing – get on your local government to do something about it. Barring that, work at the state level – if the entire state is a 2A Sanctuary, the local opinion means little.

A tricky business, to be sure – but it’s one worth pursuing.

To paraphrase some movie or another, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance against those who wish to restrict it or take it away entirely. God willing, Chipman won’t be confirmed, which will be a great victory for us. However, there’s nothing to stop the Biden regime from just nominating someone who is a little more palatable to the Congressional masses. Which may look nice, but said person would just be a conduit for marching orders from the White House. We’ll have to tie up that nomination as well. Keeping the ATF stuck in bureaucratic morass isn’t the ideal solution – but it’s a solution. In the spirit of Will Rogers – if the government is deadlocked, that’s the best news I’ve read all day!

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