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I think it was the inestimable League Of Pirates who said something about after this past Tuesday’s Election day, we’d be venturing into the unknown. Well, here we are…

Unlike gun control organizations, I try to keep my blog and purpose focused on, well, guns. But this does tie into guns so…

I’m definitely not the most astute student of politics. All I have to go on is research, conversation, and experience. I remember growing up, and Election Day was just that, Election Day. We voted on things and it was a done deal by the end of the night, or at least by the time I woke up the next day. Apparently that’s not a thing anymore.


Right now, I can’t even make an informed judgement call. There’s simply too many moving parts and possibilities. Some quite concerning, some less so. Instead of a long-form article on the possibilities, I’m going to save it for if and when there’s a decision.

You got that AR-15 sorted. You got yourself a nice pistol. You got some ammo. You’re training, right? OK good, keep it up. Buy more ammo. Buy another gun if finances allow or assemble one. Get your friends into this thing of ours, regardless of their politics. Get them on board with real freedom and fun. Regardless of the outcome, there’s no such thing as having too many guns or too much ammo.

Join your local gun rights group. Any bullshit comes down the pipe from the Feds, regardless of whomever has the wheel, your local gun rights group is well-equipped to mobilize the locals.

Join a national one too while you’re at it. NRA, SAF, FPC.

Don’t forget things like food and other survival items as well.

Not sure.


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