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Let’s take a short break from some heavy politicizing about the Second Amendment. Just for fun time. I publish Regular Guy Guns the hard way. I write every article by hand, without the benefit of plugins or a visual editor. In addition, I also strive to personally produce every bit of photographic and most video content on this site. It slows down the publishing cycle a little, but that’s me, I guess.

Along those lines, I’d like to show some of the recent photos I’ve posted to my social channels…

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The Surefeed E2 5.56mm AR Magazine By Okay Industries.

Sure, the standard may be polymer for AR magazines these days, but there’s still a place for a well-engineered steel magazine. I reviewed the E2 awhile back, and it’s still kicking ass.

GLOCK 30 Gen 3 With Streamlight TLR-6.

The G30 is the neglected stepchild of the GLOCK family. It’s still a solid Gaston product – but this little 45 ACP blaster is ignored for some reason. I love it, though.

Lancer L5AWM 30 Round AR Magazine - In Red.

I dig Lancer AR magazines – the L5AWM is a great performer, with the bits that take the most abuse – the feedlips, being made of metal. Plus they run the L5AWM in the whole spectrum of colors, because they can. I’m sure the crew at The Mag Shack has some in stock.

You don't want their help - bring an FNX-45 instead.

Part of owning a gun is embracing the culture of self-reliance. That blaster at your side is a better insurance policy than any government program.

Keep Them In Check.

This one got nuked from Instagram. Keep Them In Check. Be armed always.


Operating Regular Guy Guns and bringing you quality content costs money, money that I am more than happy to spend. I’m not really sponsored yet, so I have to pay for pretty much everything. However, I’m only able to do so much at a certain pace.

You’ll see the articles peppered with affiliate links. I get a few pennies when you make your purchases via my links.

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