4 Reasons to Buy Local this Hunting Season

There are a lot of good choices out there when it comes to hunting gear and firearms. While it may seem like the “all-in-one” chain store is the most convenient, I’ve actually seen it turn into more of a hassle for hunters who just want to go out and enjoy some of New Mexico’s diverse game. To help you avoid this pitfall and get you set up for your next hunt more quickly and with the exact firearm that you need, I’m going to give you four good reasons to skip the big box route and come straight to Los Ranchos Gun Shop.

We are Specialists in Firearms

Do you have questions about your next hunting rifle? Or hunting calibers? Load recommendations? Want to talk optics? We’ve got you covered on all those things and more.

We love taking your questions at our shop. We’re always available, ready to greet you and talk about what we can do to help make your next hunting trip a success.

Unlike many chain stores, we don’t carry fishing rods, camping gear, kayaks or bowhunting gear. We know guns and ammunition, and we know them like the backs of our hands. We have avid hunters on staff who are always willing to share their knowledge of the equipment you’ll need to hunt in the inter-mountain region. We are also committed to providing a safe and relaxing buying experience, so you can be confident in your hunting equipment investment.

We’ve been serving the hunting and firearms community for over 40 years, and we have longstanding relationships with our community’s hunters who come into our shop. We’ve got the scoop on local regulations, what firearms our fellow hunters are hunting with, the ranges they’re shooting at and more. And if you just want to hear some excellent hunting stories…we’ve got those too.

We Always Have Guns in Stock

This may seem obvious, but I still see issues with this in the shop all the time. A hunter will come to us in a bind because they ordered from a retailer that didn’t have their chosen rifle in stock. Now the time for their hunt is rapidly approaching and their order hasn’t arrived yet. I hate to see this.

At Los Ranchos Gun Shop, we can avoid this. We have one of the largest selections of in-stock firearms in the region and pride ourselves on having what you need, on-hand. We want you to walk out of our shop with the perfect hunting rifle for your next big trip.

We have also built relationships over the decades with the highest quality firearms manufacturers and distributors, and we have a deep knowledge of their product lines and the latest news of their products. That means the guns, ammo, and accessories we carry or can access are the latest out there.

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us

Our goal is not to just sell you a gun. Our goal is to get the right gun into your hands so that you can have the best odds and the safest experience going out to harvest whatever species you’ve drawn. We love hearing success stories from our customers following a hunt. We hope the next one we get to listen to is from you.

We believe part of helping you be successful is getting you the right gun, and being there when you have questions. As a local small business, we are more than willing to have you bring your hunting rifle back in anytime to review any questions you may have.

We also have a fantastic service department, with versatile gunsmiths on staff that can help you get dialed in for a successful hunt. A stock rifle or other gun right off the shelf may not give you your desired results. Let us help you get set up comfortably and accurately for your hunt.

Your Money Stays Here

When you shop at your neighborhood firearms dealer rather than a national or regional chain, the money you spend stays right here in your community. As a gun owner, the livelihoods you help support are the very same people you live and work around, whose kids go to school with your kids, who are passionate about supporting the people in our communities right here at home. When you support Los Ranchos Gun Shop and other local stores, you keep your money home.

As many of you may already know, hunting experiences can be thrilling, peaceful, rewarding and have many other great attributes. But it can also be frustrating and difficult if you aren’t properly prepared. We can’t claim to have everything you need for your next hunt under one roof, but we are confident and proud that we’ll make sure that you have the right hunting firearm, that’s perfectly set up for the task at hand.

Come visit us at the store at 6621 4th St NW in Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, New Mexico, or give us a call at (505) 345-4276. We’d love to answer any hunting and firearms questions you may have, and get you prepared for a stellar hunting season.

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