Concealed Carry: One Size Does Not Fit All

Concealed carry is a topic that never seems to grow old for us at Los Ranchos Gun Shop. That’s because many of us here at the shop carry a gun daily and enjoy keeping up with the latest products and trends in concealed carry.

We’ve found over the years that some women are hesitant to carry concealed, because they think it may be more difficult to find a gun that fits them well or a concealed carrying method that works for their particular body type or fashion style.

That’s where we can help you wade through the seemingly endless number of products and help you avoid some costly mistakes along the way. Whether you are new to concealed carry or just looking to improve your draw time and comfort, we have plenty of tips and suggestions for you.

We also know that there are some key differences between carry options for smaller body types and larger body types, and we have experience helping both. Don’t be discouraged. There are great concealed carry options for everyone, and we have years of experience helping both men and women find the right fit for them.

Now, we understand that not all men and women fit into these descriptions. These are just some of the things we’ve noticed over the years as we’ve helped fit hundreds of individuals with the right firearm and carry option.

There are challenges associated with carrying a firearm daily that apply to anyone. Some of these challenges include avoiding printing (the impression of your firearm through your clothing), choosing where on your body or off your body to carry concealed, navigating locations that do or do not allow firearms and, of course, your choice of gun.

At Los Ranchos Gun Shop, we have experience with all of these different challenges. We can talk you through some of the finer points of long-term concealed carrying and what it takes to make a habit of it. Getting a concealed permit is the first step, but there are more steps that come after that.

For many men, we find they often wear more loosely fitting clothing that is easier to conceal beneath. Many of our male customers tend to have larger frames as well and can carry a larger, angular object like a firearm against their body discreetly more easily.

Many of our female customers find that a purse or other type of handbag can be a great concealed carry option off the body. There are also a variety of companies now catering to the women’s concealed carry market who make special undergarments and clothing options, including leggings, tank tops and blouses.

So, while there are some differences in what’s available to men and women, at Los Ranchos Gun Shop we’ve found that there are plenty of great options for both. The true task is sorting through all the various options to find what works for you.

Some swear by carrying on their hip. Others may tell you that appendix carry is the best option. You can also carry your gun at various other positions on the waist, like at the small of your back. There are choices for carrying on other parts of the body as well. A shoulder rig fits nicely under the arm and can be a great choice when layers are necessary.

A comfortable option that sometimes flies under the radar is the belly band. While it’s not the most stylish compared to a nice, thick leather holster on the hip, it can be a fantastic choice for different torso types and those who find a traditional holster setup uncomfortable.

There are also a variety of off the body options including various backpacks, handbags and day bags. Male or female, every person is different and what works for one man, probably won’t work for another. What works for a young mother of three, may not work for the retiree going out to meet her friends for a cup of coffee.

In past articles we’ve talked about finding the right gun that fits your hand and body. Many women or individuals with smaller hands may prefer the feel of a Sig Sauer P365. Someone with larger hands and a large build might be more inclined to a full-size handgun, like a Smith & Wesson M&P or a Glock G-17.

Again, you’ll want to come into the shop and hold a few to really know which is right for you. We want to get you fitted with something that feels comfortable to use.

We want to do the same for your carry options. We can show you a number of these carry styles that we mentioned earlier and give you some of the pros and cons of each. We can tell you based on your handgun choice what holsters [] and other products are available.

At Los Ranchos Gun Shop, we can offer you some major advantages as you begin your search for the perfect concealed carry option. We can address your specific needs. We don’t generalize. We don’t sell products based on quotas. We talk about what your carry goals are and how we can help make them happen.

With so many products on the market for men and women to be able to carry a gun in an almost endless number of ways, it can be hard to sort through it all. I know there are many gun owners out there with a box full of different holsters, belts and bags because it takes a lot of trial, error and money to find the right option with so many available.

We want to save you money and mistakes and get you dialed in with the perfect concealed carry option in less time. Come visit us at 6621 4th St NW in Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, and let’s get you set up with a safe, comfortable and easily-accessible concealed carry option.

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