Upcoming Legislation and What it Means for Gun Owners

By Mark Abramson, Owner, Los Ranchos Gun Shop

Gun policy and legislation is a red-hot topic, but it is one that we feel we can approach respectfully, so that we may shed some light on how changes and potential changes in gun laws can affect you. There are issues on both the state and federal levels that can impact your plans for the type of gun you may want to own (or currently have), how your purchases are tracked and even how your firearms are stored.

Setting Politics Aside

First, it’s important to note that gun ownership knows no political party. We firmly believe this at Los Ranchos Gun Shop. Those who choose to lawfully own firearms come from all different walks of life, just like those who choose to steer clear of them. At Los Ranchos Gun Shop we believe that everyone deserves respect, whether or not you agree with their perspectives.

There are some people who will never touch a gun for personal reasons, due to a tragedy or because of deeply held beliefs, and that is perfectly fine. We understand and respect that. We think that talking with other folks, especially when you disagree can, if nothing else, lead to understanding the reasons behind opposing opinions. There is so much strife and negativity in the world, and we want our shop to be inclusive and help bring awareness to others, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or experience with firearms.

Federal Gun Control

Considering the recent SCOTUS decision in June striking down a restriction on who could carry a handgun in public, I don’t believe that there is much that will happen at this time at the Federal level as far as further restrictions. There are always challenges to ownership of semi-automatic weapons but that has been a contested issue for some time now.

Of course, any ban on those types of firearms could mean chaotic results for the gun industry. As a gun owner, it’s best to do your research on these issues to stay up to date. If you have any questions about what types of guns can legally be owned at any particular time, we are happy to provide those answers for you here at the shop.

There are also more recent issues regarding credit card companies and whether they should be required to track gun and gun-related purchases. There may be some movement on this but because it’s still a developing issue, it could be a longer battle for these companies. This is an important issue because it involves privacy and directly speaks to whether gun ownership can still be treated as a largely unrestricted right.

State-Level Discussion

At the state level, there are multiple issues that are up for debate this legislative term, including regulations regarding negligent entrustment, the need to secure firearms and strengthening red flag laws (which allow for the confiscation of firearms legally possessed by individuals who are accused of being imminent dangers to themselves or others). It’s difficult to predict what will come of these issues but it is important that as responsible gun owners, we keep our fingers on the pulse of these important topics. They can have an impact on what you choose to purchase and how it may end up needing to be secured.

Negligent entrustment issues have stemmed from recent tragic events involving guns being brought onto school campuses. Lawmakers are looking at ways to hold gun owners responsible for securing their weapons. This will likely lead to what we are calling a “safe storage bill” of some kind. This would require gun owners to lock up their firearms at home and holds them responsible for anything that could happen from another person gaining access to an unsecured firearm.

These kinds of laws may have consequences for you as a gun buyer and owner. First, we expect all gun owners to exercise responsible gun storage practices and abide by state gun laws, but we also recognize that these laws can impose restrictions on potential gun ownership by making it more costly to own a gun in accordance with new laws that are passed. Therefore, it’s important to have the information, so you can have a say in the matter.

If you have information about someone who may not be fit to possess a firearm at a certain time, red flag laws can use that information to take away their firearm. Groups advocating for stricter gun control are looking at initiatives that would strengthen red flag laws, through awareness and other steps. Whether you agree with these types of laws or not, they are already being enacted, and adding your voice and your vote to express your viewpoints are some of the most impactful things that you can do.

Encouraging Conversations

At Los Ranchos Gun Shop, we welcome all of those viewpoints. Whether you have questions, concerns, or strong opinions, we believe that everyone can learn something new when respectful conversations are encouraged. Regardless of your stance on these or any other gun issues, I think we can agree that safer communities are what we all strive for.

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