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Episode 8 of the Regular Guy Guns Podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and also can be directly listened to in this very blog post. About damn time. Read on for the details…

This podcasting thing is a little more involved than it seems. Apologies for the massive gap between the last episode and this one. In Episode 8, we cover the threat of HR 8, HR 1446, and the problems hardline authoritarian politicians present to us Second Amendment Radicals. In better news, something went bump in the courts. I also take a little detour and express my thoughts on keeping your head clear and sober. Enjoy!


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Episode Notes

We discuss:

  • The threats of HR 8, HR 1446, and other federal gun control bills to our essential rights.

  • In a positive development, things go bump in the courts in our favor.

  • Keeping sober or damn near close to it is an essential tactical move in these uncertain times.


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